Zinc Technical

From our origins in Oil & Gas, Zinc rapidly built the reputation as market leader in Technical Search.  With the Energy Transition growing in importance, Zinc now operates across the wider Energy Sector including Renewables and Technology.

As the world changes, seeking cleaner energy sources, Zinc has changed with it, now operating within the Renewables sector, spanning wind, wave and solar energies, as well as expanding technologies such as Green Hydrogen as a by-product of the Renewables process.

Furthermore, the search for low-carbon / no-carbon energy sources continues apace.  The concept of “Clean Tech”, including Fuel Cell technology and reduced emission systems, as well as advancements in Carbon Capture & Storage are forming exciting new markets into which Zinc is already forging.

The value of Data is well recognised and appreciated across industry, with the importance of maximising the value of every piece of data now fully understood.  The field of Data Technology / Data Science & Digital Transformation provides another sector into which Zinc has already made a significant number of placements, and is an area in which future growth is guaranteed

Zinc’s Technical Recruitment Process

Results in a manageable shortlist of fully qualified and technically relevant candidates for company review