Zinc Executives
Global Executive Search

The landscape of the Energy Sector is changing. The ability to be able to attract high performing leaders and forward thinkers is going to be paramount to your business’s success. 

Zinc Executives challenges the way you currently search for talent and the type of talent you look for to provide a diverse environment for innovation, growth and success. 

Zinc Executives tailored solution to Executive Search combines inhouse knowledge and expertise, traditional headhunting techniques and a forward-thinking approach to give our clients access to a dynamic and diverse talent pool that encourages the client to think differently.

Market information is key; it is why we generate a full market search & survey for our clients, which provides perspective and removes any potential talent outliners that may not previously have been considered.

Zinc Executive Search Model

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Directors
  • Non-Executive Chairmen
  • Non-Executive Directors